If the fire alarm detection system in your small business office and shop space is outdated, investing in an update could save lives. There are many features you want to make sure that the unit has. Here are some of the things that you want your unit to have.

Wireless Controls and Notifications

You should be able to monitor the fire alarm system from your cell phone. When the fire alarm goes off notifications should go to your cellular devices, as well as the local authorities. This can help you act fast if you are away from the building when the alarms go off and help the fire department get there quickly.

Pull Handle Options

Employees and staff should have a location where they can pull a fire handle to alert the building that there is a fire. This may be the fastest way for someone to react when they see or cause a fire but the alarm system hasn't yet detected the smoke or heat. The installation company will suggest the best locations for these after a building examination.

HVAC Shut Down Feature

Containing smoke in the area of the fire is crucial during a fire. Ask the professionals about systems that shut down the ducts and vents and HVAC units in the building when the fire alarm is triggered. This can prevent the smoke from traveling.

Temperature Alerts

The system should send you temperature alerts before a fire starts if the temperature in the building becomes too high. This could help you catch an overheating machine or a fire in its earliest stages, allowing you to address the area and prevent or stop the fire. You want to find out about a fire before there is smoke and flames if you can. You can set the system to alert for anything over the temperature you set.

Safety Lighting

Get a system that has safety lighting on the fire detectors. This will allow people to see and move around if there is heavy smoke, and if something has happened to the power, this can be imperative to get people out if visibility is poor.

The installation company will show you how to use the system. Be sure that you have the correct size and type of fire extinguishers around the facility. You can even have an above-head sprinkler system installed if you think it's necessary for safety.

For more information, contact a local company, like FutureLink Technologies.