If you're looking to upgrade security for your business building or hoping to move away from the outdated key entry system, you cannot go wrong with an access control system. These systems allow you to provide the right entry to the right persons and to the right places in your facility.  

But if you're hearing about access control systems for the first time, it's likely you don't fully understand how they operate. Below are answers to four questions you might have. 

What Is Access Control?

Access control is simply a system that restricts access to a room, a specific area in a building, a gate, or an entire building. The users of that system have to present their credentials to access the restricted area.

Various types of credentials can be used for these systems, including a keycard, a fob, a PIN or password, fingerprints, facial recognition, or an app on a smartphone. Some systems even allow users to request access or present their credentials through intercom systems. 

How Does an Access Control System Improve the Security of Your Business?

Access control systems provide safety to your employees and people within the building. That's because unwanted visitors cannot enter the building to disrupt peace or commit criminal activities. This means your assets will also be protected from theft. 

Additionally, these systems have been found to have a psychological effect. When criminals see you have invested in an access control system, they automatically know you're serious about your business security and would rather look elsewhere. 

What Kind of Access Control Does Your Business Need?

The right access control system for you will depend on your business needs. Are you only looking to restrict access to one room, such as the safe room or IT server room, to a few select employees? Or do you have many employees who need to access the office during the morning hours?

In some cases, a keypad can provide the security you need, especially if you only want to limit access to a specific room to a few employees. However, it may not be ideal for a high-security area because PINS can be shared with other people. A more secure feature, like biometric recognition, may work best in such a case. Overall, talk to an access control expert about your needs to determine the system that suits you best.

How Much Will an Access Control System Cost?

Again, it's difficult to correctly estimate how much an access control system will cost because different businesses have varying needs. For example, a warehouse will require a completely different access control setup to a heritage property, and the costs incurred by either business are likely to be different. 

However, regardless of your budget or the size of your business, the security market has different access control systems you can choose from. You can also discuss your budget and needs with commercial security system professionals for their recommendations.