You know that an emergency locksmith can help you get back into your house if you've locked yourself out, but that's not all they can do. Here are four other helpful services emergency locksmiths provide:

1. Get you back into your car.

When you're in a hurry with a lot of things on your mind, you may accidentally lock your keys in your car. This is already an inconvenience, but it can be a catastrophe if you've accidentally left a child or pet in your vehicle. An emergency locksmith can get you back in your car as fast as possible. They have the tools needed to open your car door without damaging your window or the locking mechanism itself. You'll be able to retrieve your keys and any valuables inside your car without incident.

2. Unlock your mailbox.

Many people utilize locks on their mailbox to keep sensitive mail safe. Mailbox locks can protect you from identity theft, stalking, and nosy neighbors. Unfortunately, mailbox keys can be lost just like any other type of key. If you've lost your key and find yourself unable to unlock your mailbox, an emergency locksmith can help. They can open your mailbox and create a new key so you can maintain access.

3. Change your locks.

Sometimes your problem may not be getting back into your home; instead, you may need to keep someone else out. If you have recently had a bad breakup or evicted a tenant, you may be worried about reprisal, especially if they refuse to return your key. An emergency locksmith service can change your locks in these situations. You'll be able to feel safe and secure at home, comfortable in the knowledge that unauthorized people will not be able to gain access to your house.

4. Remove a broken key.

Occasionally, keys can break and get stuck inside locks. This sometimes happens with older locks when someone forces a lock that is stuck and refuses to turn. If your key breaks, don't panic. An emergency locksmith may be able to extract the broken piece with tweezers. If this isn't an option, they can dismantle the lock to remove the key, then reassemble your lock.

Keep this list in mind the next time you run into problems with a lock that you own. An emergency locksmith is available at all hours of the day and during any day of the week. They can provide fast, professional service to get you back into your car, mailbox, or home.