One of the most common ways for burglars to enter homes is through the windows. They might break the glass, shimmy the window open, or simply cut through the screen when you leave the window open for ventilation during the summer. Surely, you don't want anyone to break into your home through the window -- so here are a few ways to prevent such problems.

Make sure you close and lock the windows when you leave.

If someone enters your home through a window that is already open, this is surely a crime. However, you may have trouble getting your homeowner's insurance company to cover the loss related to the theft. Since you failed to close the window, the insurance company may see the theft as being your fault. Make sure you get into the habit of always closing and locking windows before you leave the house. Remind your family members to do the same. Perhaps you can post a sticky note on the front door that says "did you close the windows?" to serve as a quick reminder before you go.

Install alarms on the windows.

Home security systems have come a long way in the past few decades. Most systems now allow you to add separate alarms and sensors to each window. These coordinate with an app on your smartphone. The app will alert you whenever any of the window sensors are triggered. Depending on you selected settings, it will then notify the police or leave you to do so. If your security system also includes a camera, you can take a look and see what's going on inside your home after the alarm is triggered.

Place bars on the windows.

A security alarm will scare away most criminals and give you video evidence of a break-in. However, cleaning up the mess from a broken window can still be annoying. If you live in a high-crime area where break-ins are common, you might want to have bars installed on your first-floor windows. Although bars are not the most beautiful addition to your home, they are effective. Since they are made from steel, they're really hard to cut through -- almost no thieves would bother to try.

With the tips above, you can prevent break-ins through your home's windows. Reach out to a security company in your area to learn more; they can look over your home and offer personalized tips.