You want to know that your home is your safe haven; it's that one place you can go to and truly relax. However, the reality is that you aren't as safe in your home as you would like to think. There are potential criminals out there who would take advantage of the chance to victimize your home. Therefore, you need to be sure you take some extra steps around your home to help keep it secure from those looking for someone to victimize. This article will offer you advice on 4 ways you can make your house undesirable to criminals.

Make it look like you are home: One thing that can keep your home safer is to make it look as if someone is home, even when no one is. Have some lights inside the home go on with timers, as well as a couple outside lights. Leave a TV or radio on that can be heard from outside the doors. Have a neighbor pick up your newspapers and make sure there are no fliers left on your door for days when you go out of town.

Make your home hard to get to: Consider having a fence installed around your yard and make sure to keep the gate locked. Have motion activated lights put up around the entire house so you are alerted if anyone approaches the house after dark.

Make it appear as if there will be a confrontation: Make it obvious that the people in your house are going to put up a fight if there is an intruder. Leave a pair of large work boots on the porch, even if there is no man in the house. Put no trespassing signs on your property, making it clear that you are serious about your privacy and protecting your home.

Make it known the house is secured and secure it well: If you are concerned about the security of your home, the very best thing you can do is to have a security system installed. Put the stickers in the windows warning would-be burglars that the home is monitored and post the provided sign in the yard. Not only will this help keep criminals away, but it can also help to catch them if they do decide to go through with breaking into your home.

Implementing the tips provided in this article can significantly decrease your chances of your home being victimized. Contact a security system, like Security By Private Eyes, for more ideas.