To children, anyone who is around most of the time will become a part of their environment. If you have a tenant living in a rental on your property, they will become a part of your child's extended family group. If you have young children who like to explore around your home, but you want to maintain a level of privacy and separation for your tenant's comfort, here are some improvements that you can make around your property.

Install a small card access system

If you have areas that are strictly for the tenant, such as their apartment or rooms, you can install a card access system. A card access system is easier to use than a key, because it requires only a one second pass of a card, rather than fumbling with keys. Be sure to provide all occupants of the rental property with a card and keep the system activated so that no accidental breaches can occur.

Draw up a physical barrier

If you have a guest house that you are renting out on your property, consider erecting a small, but obvious physical barrier for the children to follow. For instance, you can plant flowers outside of the guest house, and let your children know not to cross the tree or flower boundary. If there is a pathway or a sidewalk that leads to the guest home set up a small barrier or fence and tell the kids that they must have permission from the renter before they cross over the line.

Be honest in ways children understand

Ignoring having a renter can make your child even more curious. If your children want to know more about the individuals living on the property with them, be honest in a way that young children can understand. You can tell your children that the renters live with you and express that they need privacy or "quiet time". Your child should also have the chance to meet your renters. Having the individuals renting the property as a mystery may only make your child's curiosity keener.

Show your child their own personal space

Understanding personal space can also help when a child has their own personal area. Whether your child has an entire room to themselves or has a bed area that is their own, explain to your child that your renters space is similar to their personal area. An example that pertains to them may help kids understand how to proceed entering your renter's spaces and how to obey the privacy rules that you set.